300 kidney stones removed at AINU on a 75-year-old patient

300 kidney stones removed at AINU on a 75-year-old patient

The clearance of the stone burden was carried through a key-hole incision of 5mm in size.

The large stone consisted of a massive load of over 300 multiple kidney stones and all of them were removed and the patient was discharged on the second day after the surgery, Dr Taif said.

The surgical procedure was led by Dr. C Mallikarjuna and supported by Dr. Deepak Ragoori and Dr. Leela Krishna while the anaesthesia team consisted of Dr. Satyanarayana, Dr. Neelam and Dr. Sahaja.

Senior Urologist, AINU, Dr. Md. Taif Bendigeri said “Due to the patient’s advanced age along with diabetes, hypertension, and cardiac issues, the removal process was complex.

However, the team led by Dr. C Mallikarjuna took necessary precautions and successfully performed an advanced keyhole surgery using advanced laser technology.

The patient was suffering from severe discomfort in the back and flank region when he was admitted to AINU Hitec City.

Diagnostics indicated the presence of a massive stone of more than 7 centimeters in size in his right kidney.

Urologists at Asian Institute of Nephrology and Urology Hitec City on Friday announced successful removal of 300 kidney stones from a 75-year-old farmer, Ram Reddy, a native of Karimnagar district, by employing advanced keyhole surgery using laser technology