A British Woman Marries Ex-Husband's Best Friend Whom She Met At Her Wedding.

A British Woman Marries Ex-Husband's Best Friend Whom She Met At Her Wedding.

Things took an unfortunate turn when Taylor’s health began to degrade due to a genetic disorder that led to polycystic kidney disease.

He had to be rushed to Queen Elizabeth Hospital after suffering constant nosebleeds on Boxing Day 2021.

Doctors informed Taylor of his diagnosis and put him on a dialysis machine.

Swinton knew that both of Taylor’s parents had died from the genetic disease. She offered to test to see if her kidney would help save her boyfriend.

She was later told that she was indeed a match. Taylor was finally saved after a four-hour procedure and the duo now has plans to get married in 2024.

Swinton said that she wanted to focus on herself and channelise all her energies towards her work.

She decided to learn the Piano as well and bought an affordable one on the Facebook marketplace.

She was searching on the web to find someone who could help her with moving the instrument.

She came across Taylor’s moving service and offered the job to him. He delivered the Piano a few days later and talked about relationships.

During this conversation, Taylor mentioned that he was seeing someone and reached out to Swinton a week later. After some time, as revealed by Swinton, Taylor also asked her for a date and gave her flowers.

I could tell immediately I would fall for him," Swinton told the South West News Service. After dating for some time, she and Taylor decided to move in together.

I’ve known Mark a long time, and I always liked him," Swinton told the portal. “Mark had dated my ex’s sister," she added.

Swinton also said that Mark, who is now her fiancé, was a “kind person" but she never thought that he would eventually become the love of her life.

As stated by South West News Service, Swinton’s first marriage only lasted for 3 years and the couple filed for divorce after having a child together.

She had decided to call it quits after four years of short-term relationships and focus on herself.

The British woman named Kerry Swinton couldn’t have imagined that she would get married to a man who was one of the guests at her wedding.

Swinton told the South West News Service that she had met Mark Taylor at her wedding in 2011. Taylor was a long-time friend of Swinton’s groom (now ex-husband) and had stopped to offer congratulations to the newly wedded couple.