A Chinese Brother-Sister Duo Return 30 iPhones Worth Rs 24 Lakh They Found In Trash Cans.

A Chinese Brother-Sister Duo Return 30 iPhones Worth Rs 24 Lakh They Found In Trash Cans.

Based on the CCTV footage and information from Liu’s manager at the courier station, the cleaner, a middle-aged woman, was found to have taken away the five boxes of phones two hours after Liu had left them there.

She confessed to having removed only the cardboard boxes with the intention of selling them later while leaving all the phones behind in the trash cans. As per Liu’s supervisor, the housemaid was unable to access the iPhone casings due to her unfamiliarity with them.

The manager affirmed, stating, “She threw away phones worth 350,000 yuan for boxes worth 2 yuan.

Subsequent police investigations shed light on the origin of the lost devices. It was found that the phones were inadvertently left behind by a courier named Liu, who, in the process of organizing deliveries, had stacked five boxes, each containing 10 new iPhone 14 Pro models, atop the street’s trash cans.

Regrettably, he had neglected to retrieve them upon departing. The discovery of the missing phones left Liu overwhelmed with anxiety, as he feared the hefty cost of the lost devices, amounting to 350,000 yuan (US$50,000).

The woman’s younger brother stumbled upon the trove of iPhones while taking out the trash. Upon his discovery, he promptly contacted his sister, and together, they delved into the trash cans, ultimately uncovering a total of 30 iPhones.

Recognizing the significance of their find, they swiftly contacted the authorities, leading to the recovery of an additional phone from another trash can located outside their building.

In an extraordinary display of honesty and goodwill, a brother-sister duo from China recently emerged as the heroes of a heartening story.

Their exemplary act of integrity of returning a cache of 30 brand-new iPhone 14 Pros, valued at 210,000 yuan ($30,000), which they stumbled upon in trash cans within their apartment complex.

Hailing from Henan Province, the Chai siblings recounted the events that unfolded on the morning of July 7.