Actress Ananya Panday in a Kanika Goyal outfit looks suited up to perfection.

Actress Ananya Panday in a Kanika Goyal outfit looks suited up to perfection.

Taking this stylish combo to a party-apt height was the strapless crop top which had a structured boning detail and a sweetheart neckline.

And, there goes the black-heeled boots. Is the boots movement back? Oh yes, here's proof. Ananya's look was also accessorised with hoop earrings.

A sleek hairdo, kohl-rimmed eyes, and beautifully highlighted skin compiled her look.

The fashion trial of Liger movie promotions is moving at a rampant pace and we're getting lucky through it all. There's a glam blast of inspiration and there's nowhere under the sky we're confused as to what to wear.

We're sartorially equipped, courtesy of Meagan Concessio and Ananya Panday creating magic one look at a time. Her latest look for a day at Indore included a Jupiter two-tone set from Kanika Goyal Label.

The houndstooth-printed coat bore a notched lapel, double bellow pockets with drawcords, and shoulder pads.

This was matched up with high-waisted trousers that featured inverse seam bindings in black. Its fit is as comfortable as it can get. The print also hints at a checkered pattern, right? Love, love it, much!

A pantsuit a day is a good enough reason for you to get out of your bed. It gives you a sorted pre-styled tip on how to put your look together and get to business and beyond.

This is that one and never done kind of an outfit for it bears the tag of complication-free, that is to say, easy-to-wear and shows comfort and class as its USP. A pantsuit is all good and chic proves Ananya Panday and this one is a look done well.