Actress Priyanka Chopra Reveals The Person For Who She Is Ready To Give Up Her Acting Career For.

Actress Priyanka Chopra Reveals The Person For Who She Is Ready To Give Up Her Acting Career For.

After five years of marriage, Priyanka Chopra and Nick announced last year that they were expecting a child through surrogacy.

They find it difficult to envision their lives without Malti now.

Priyanka first met Nick when she was at her most helpless, but because of the way he held her, she is now stronger than ever.

Due to their 10-year age difference, Priyanka endured a lot of harassment during their marriage.

However, based on PeeCee's comments about Nick, it appears that he is far more mature and organised than her even at this young age. Priyanka is lucky, no doubt about it.

We can tell from Priyanka Chopra's social media posts how much she adores her daughter Malti.

As she promotes her upcoming Hollywood movie, 'Love Again,' Priyanka Chopra revealed some shocking comments about a time when she was a doormat in relationships and got involved with nearly every one of her co-stars.

Remembering how her folks accompanied her everywhere she went, Priyanka said, "At that time, I took it all completely for granted.

I was like, "Of course it’s your parents’ job to do that.

My career matters. And I didn’t even think about it until I was writing my book.

And then it dawned on me now I’m in my 40s. And that, if I were asked to give up my career and just move countries, I would do it without question for my daughter.

Priyanka Chopra declared that Malti is the particular person for whom she would gladly give up her acting career and quit.

Priyanka, a surrogate mother who had her first child at the age of 40, discussed the value of raising children and the benefits of taking children on vacation.

Priyanka was asked if she would give up acting so that she and her daughter, Malti, could tour the world. She pledged to carry out the request without seeking clarification.