Actress Rashami Desai Shares The True Meaning Of Freedom For Her : Independence Day 2022

Actress Rashami Desai Shares The True Meaning Of Freedom For Her : Independence Day 2022

As we celebrate the 76th year of Indian independence on Monday, our patriotism has surely taken the forefront.

What's amazing is to learn about actress Rashami Desai's thoughts on the true freedom in 2022.

While the actress asserts that the biggest freedom we all need is from the pandemic and other health hazards which drastically changed our lives in the last few years, she even expresses what the true essence of Independence is for her. 

Rashami shares, "I feel so much at peace to be a part of this free India. Just imagine two years ago in Covid times we all had to stay indoors, movements were restricted and we got a very little taste of what restrictions mean.

Imagine those people who lived through the freedom struggle and fought for it, just like we fought for freedom from the pandemic.

Just a thought about this makes me value my life so much more today.

She further adds, "We often taken our freedom for granted. We take little liberties in life, ignore small things, because we have gotten it very easy. But we really need to start valuing these little blessings we have.

The pandemic was an eye opener for us, to witness a time when there was a possibility of not getting food after a certain period, , and most importantly our survival. Being through that we need to make this freedom worthwhile.

This independence day, I request everyone to be empathetic and responsible towards your lives and this country." 

Well, Rashami has an amazing point to make about the real independence in this day and age. And we bet her thoughts have surely left you inspired too. 

Here's wishing you all a very happy Independence Day!