Amol Parashar, just like his fans, is looking forward to the third season of Tripling.

Amol Parashar, just like his fans, is looking forward to the third season of Tripling.

According to Amol Parashar, apart from making the film industry take risks, the OTT platforms established the trust of filmmakers in their audiences’ intelligence. “This medium has taught us that our audience is very smart. We sometimes take them for granted, thinking they shouldn’t be offered something new because they will get confused, but now you realise that’s not the case. They do appreciate the nuances of a character and the story. We never gave them credit for that in the past,” he opines.

Amol Parashar became a popular face among the youth after essaying the role of a cool sibling Chitvan in TVF’s hit web series Tripling. He debuted on the web platform when it was in its nascent stage, and today it has evolved to the level that Parashar feels it is this medium that has multiplied the risk-taking abilities of everyone in the entertainment industry, thus transforming the fortune of content in India.

“Thanks to this (digital) medium for bringing in those sensibilities that an actor can be accepted in different roles. Otherwise, in films, people sometimes play a little safe that if somebody does comedy, he should be cast only in a comic role. The risk-taking abilities of the actors and the creators have improved because of the digital platform,” says Parashar, who is happy that the audience loved him as two contrasting characters — Osman Ansari of Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare and Chitvan of Tripling.

Parashar left his well-paying job at a US-based consultancy firm to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. The young star made a conscious effort of not getting stereotyped and took leaps along the way that paid off well. He shares, “I was conscious about my choices and always tried to do something different although there was less safety in that.

Sometimes I even thought I should play safe and do what people already like, but that is harmful to your growth and work becomes monotonous. That is not how I would like to approach what I like to do. So, I kept trying new projects. I did my best in a hope that it all will come together.” Next up, the actor wants to try “some dark roles in a crime thriller since I haven’t held a gun and pointed it at someone in style.”

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