Asaduddin Owaisi : PM Modi compelled to speak on Manipur assault case after video went viral.

Asaduddin Owaisi : PM Modi compelled to speak on Manipur assault case after video went viral.

After PM Modi this morning ahead of the Parliament Monsoon Session while addressing reporters said, “This a shameful incident for any society who did this and who is responsible is another issue but this has put our nation to shame.

I appeal to all chief minsters to tighten law and order. Whether it is Rajasthan, Chattisgarh or Manipur the issue of a woman’s honour is above all politics.

Congress party’s General Secretary Jairam Ramesh tweeted, “This is too little too late. Mere words won’t do anymore.

Actions must speak louder. The Prime Minister and the Home Minister cannot escape accountability.

The Chief Minister of Manipur should step down immediately. INDIA will continue to demand answers to ensure a path towards peace and reconciliation in Manipur”.

The Supreme Court today said it was “deeply disturbed by the video which has emerged in which two tribal women were seen paraded naked and molested, and asked the Centre and State to take action against the perpetrators.

Why did the PM (Modi) not speak earlier? Would PM have reacted to the video, had it not gone viral? What happened to ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’?

Owaisi said taking a dig at the Prime Minister.

Owaisi said Prime Minister took the pains to speak on the ongoing violence in Manipur after 80 days during which the BJP-ruled state “witnessed incidents of loot, arson and vandalism”.

“At least 50, 00 people have been displaced in Manipur. Now, PM is speaking on the issue,” the Hyderabad MP said.

Owaisi’s remarks followed after Prime Minister Narendra Modi condemned the case of assault of the women in Manipur and termed it as a shameful incident for any civilised society.

Owaisi said, “PM was compelled to react to the video because it had become viral now Genocide is going on there Justice will prevail only when the Chief Minister (Biren Singh) is removed and the PM (Modi) orders a Central Bureau of Investigation into the matter.

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh said called for the immediate “resignation” of Manipur Chief Minister Biren Singh.

Owaisi on Thursday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was compelled to speak on the incident where two women were paraded naked in Manipur only after a video of the episode went viral and triggered public outrage.

The AIMIM MP has urged the Prime Minister to order a CBI investigation into the incident.