Bollywood Actress Kangana Ranaut calls Vir Das a ‘criminal’, says controversial I Come From Two Indias video amounts to ‘soft terrorism.

Bollywood Actress Kangana Ranaut calls Vir Das a ‘criminal’, says controversial I Come From Two Indias video amounts to ‘soft terrorism.

Actress Kangana Ranaut has been courting controversy of her own, after saying in a recent media interaction that India got its independence as alms.

She doubled down on her inflammatory statements in subsequent social media posts, citing sources to back up her claims, and then also targetting Mahatma Gandhi’s mantra of non-violence. 

Even as comedian Vir Das drew support from Congress leaders Kapil Sibal and Shashi Tharoor after attracting controversy for his video, I Come From Two Indias, actor Kangana Ranaut called him a ‘criminal’ for his comments.

Vir Das’ video was shared on his YouTube channel earlier this week, and was filmed during his performance at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. 

Kangana in an Instagram Story on Wednesday said that certain statements made by Das in the video were ‘generalisations’ and compared them to controversial comments made by Winston Churchill about the Bengal famine of 1943. 

A Delhi BJP member filed a complaint against Das for the comment “In India, we worship women in the day and rape them at night” in the video. 

Das in a social media statement defended the video, and urged viewers to not fall prey to edited clips. “Please do not be fooled by edited snippets,” he said, while further explaining the intent behind making the video as part of his recent tour to America. 

Vir Das. None can doubt that there are two India’s. Just that we don’t want an Indian to tell the world about it.

We are intolerant and hypocritical,” wrote Sibal in a tweet. “A stand-up comedian who knows the real meaning of the term ‘stand up’ is not physical but moral. thevirdas spoke for millions in this 6-minute take on the Two Indias he hails from & stands up for,” Tharoor joined in. 

In her post, Kangana wrote, “When you generalise all Indian men as gang rapists it gives rise and encouragement to racism and bullying against Indians all over the world.

After Bengal famine Churchill famously said, ‘These Indians breed like rabbits they are bound to die like this.

He blamed Indians’ sex drive/fertility for the death of millions because of hunger Such creative work targeting an entire race is soft terrorism Strict actions must be taken against such criminals virdas.

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