Boris Savchenko Pips Nitin Senthilvel to Emerge Champion : Chennai Open Chess

Boris Savchenko Pips Nitin Senthilvel to Emerge Champion : Chennai Open Chess

GM Savchenko, received the Chennai Open 2022 trophy and a cash award of Rs three lakh while the runner-up Nitin received Rs two lakh.

Belarus’ Alexei Federov and India’s L R Srihari secured 8 points each but the former took third place due to a better tie-break score.

As many as 275 players including 11 GMs and 14 IMs took part in the 275-player, 10-round tournament played on a Swiss format.

Tamil Nadu State Chess Association president M Manickam gave away the prizes.

Final placings: 1-2. Boris Savchenko, Nitin 8.5 points, 3-4. Fedorov, Srihari 8, 5-14. Stupak, Ravichandran Siddharth, Aronyak Ghosh, Deepan Chakkravarthy (all India), Nguyen Duc Hoa (Vietnam), Himal Gusain (India), Nguyen Van Huy (Vietnam), Hari Madhavan, Karthikeyan, Laxman (all India) 7.5 pts.

Round 10 (Indians unless specified): Alexei Fedorov 8 drew with S Nitin 8.5, Boris Savchenko 8.5 beat Aronyak Ghosh 7.5, L R Srihari 8 beat Gusain Himal 7.5, Ravichandran Siddharth 7.5 drew with Nguyen Van Huy (Vietnam) 7.5, J Deepan Chakkravarthy 7.5 beat V A V Rajesh 7, Kirill Stupak (Belarus) 7.5 beat M Kunal 6.5, Jubin Jimmy 7 drew with Ajay Karthikeyan 7.0, P Saravana Krishnan 6.5 lost to R R Laxman 7.5, S Prasannaa 6.5 lost to Nguyen Duc Hoa (Vietnam) 7.5, N B Hari Madhavan 7.5 beat Baghdasaryan Vahe (Armenia) 6.5, B Vignesh 6.5 lost to P Karthikeyan 7.5, Daakshin Arun 7 drew with P Konguvel 7.

The top-seed Grandmaster Boris Savchenko of Russia pipped Indian International Master Nitin Senthilvel via the tie-break to emerge champion after both finished equal on 8.5 points in the 13th Chennai Open International Grandmaster Chess tournament 2022 here on Sunday.

Both Savchenko and Nitin finished with 8.5 points from 10 rounds but with a superior tie-break score the Russian took the top prize.

Nitin, who was in the lead after the ninth round, accepted an early draw offer from GM Alexei Federov (Belarus) and wound up with 8.5 points.

The top board draw, gave Savchenko an opportunity to catch up with Nitin, which the Russian promptly did, scoring a hard fought win over IM Aronyak Ghosh.