Colombian singer Shakira believes that she’d be an ‘idiot’ to return to Gerard Piqué.

Colombian singer Shakira believes that she’d be an ‘idiot’ to return to Gerard Piqué.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué's relationship reportedly ended after 11 years together in June 2022. They have two kids together Milan and Sasha.

According to reports, Gerard Piqué cheated on Shakira with Clara Chia Marti.

This is not the first time that Shakira dissed Gerard Piqué in a song after his alleged infidelity. Earlier Shakira also released the music video Te Felicto which shows a man’s head served on a platter in her fridge.

She also released BZRP Music Session where she takes digs at Gerard Piqué and her new girlfriend.

According to the reports, Shakira found out about Piqué’s alleged infidelity when she saw that someone from outside had been eating their strawberry jam while she was travelling as her husband and kids do not like it.

The first paragraph which is translated to English reads You are no longer welcome here I saw what your girlfriend threw at me  It doesn’t make me angry  I laughed”.

Later Shakira also says in the song that she got ‘triple M’ after her relationship with Piqué ended. The singer calls herself ‘much hotter, much tougher, and much lighter’.

In TQG, Shakira claims that Gerard Piqué wants to get back together again but she would be an ‘idiot’ to do so.

She sings that her life got even better after their relationship ended as Piqué has ‘offended’ the singer with her actions. Shakira also accused Piqué of liking her photo on social media.

Shakira’s new collaboration with Karol G is reportedly about her breakup with Gerard Piqué. Shakira sings this song in Spanish and it was released on Friday.

In the chorus of this song, Karol who ended her relationship with Anuel AA in 2021 and Shakira, warns their ex partners that they will not ‘compete for men’. Shakira says in Spanish that she is ‘already set’ all by herself.