Here's How to Block or Hide Wordle Scores on Your Twitter Timeline.

Here's How to Block or Hide Wordle Scores on Your Twitter Timeline.

However, if you are not a fan of a feed cluttered with Wordle scores then this article is for you. We are here to help you block and hide those scores from your Twitter timeline so that you can have a peaceful and clear scrolling and tweeting time.

Twitter allows its users to sort and hide unwanted content with the help of censoring. Y

ou can mute some keywords, phrases, emojis and hashtags which are associated with Wordle. Muting certain Tweets will remove them from your Alerts tab, notifications, SMS and email alerts, Home feed, and comments to Tweets.

This can be done by following these simple steps-

Visit your Twitter profile and go to the ‘More’ section on the side menu bar.

Select the option for privacy and security.

Go to Privacy and Safety and select Mute and Block.

Choose words that you want to be muted. To insert more words, click the ‘+’icon and input the words or hashtags you wish to mute.

Select the timeframe and then click the Save option at the bottom.

You should know that muting is case-sensitive. For example, if you add ‘WORDLE’, any tweet consisting of ‘wordle’ will also be muted.

You can also mark a tweet as ‘Show less often’. It assists Twitter in better understanding the sorts of Tweets you’d prefer to see fewer of in your Home timeline. This option is accessible via the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner of a Tweet.

In the latter days of 2021, we were exposed to a new type of tweet: green, yellow, and greyish boxes grouped in a 5-by-5 grid with up to six rows.

The tweets also provided some statistics that are indecipherable to onlookers and a quirky short non-word: Wordle. But, how and why is Wordle causing so much buzz in the public sphere?

Wordle is an everyday word game invented by Josh Wardle, a Brooklyn-based software programmer with a reputation for creating innovative social experiments.

Nearly every day, Internet users are met with a new word puzzle that can only be cracked — or not! — by following a succession of process-of-elimination hints.

Wordle has been there since October 2021, but it just recently surged when it announced the inclusion of a “Share" option in mid-December that allows you to easily share your performance and scores on a daily basis on Twitter or any other social media platform.

Since then, there has been a torrent of Wordle scores on people’s Twitter feeds. According to a Wall Street Journal report, that is one of the reasons the game went ubiquitous.

The creator became aware that followers in New Zealand were publishing results with coloured boxes that they had drawn themselves. Consequently, they made it easy to share the game’s score.

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