In Hanamkonda disappointing turnout at Prime Minister’s meeting.

In Hanamkonda disappointing turnout at Prime Minister’s meeting.

Another interesting point was that people began leaving even as the Prime Minister was speaking.

A senior party member expressed his disappointment, saying the event was a failure on the part of the BJP’s state and Warangal leadership.

Such circumstances suggest that the public’s confidence in the BJP has waned, and it was doubtful that the party will secure more than ten MLA seats in the upcoming general elections

The low turnout has undoubtedly demoralized the party’s cadre.

This disappointing outcome has left the party state leaders deeply disappointed.

One possible factor contributing to the lacklustre attendance was the internal discord between Bandi Sanjay and his rival factions, which ultimately led to Sanjay’s replacement by G Kishan Reddy as the state chief.

Additionally, BJP leaders contend that the farming community did not evince interest as agricultural activities were in full swing.

This could have been another reason for the poor showing.

Despite the party’s assertion that approximately five lakh people would attend the ‘Vijaya Sankalpa Sabha’ held at University Arts and Science College in Hanamkonda here on Saturday, intelligence sources indicate that the crowd was not more than 35,000 people.

Modi‘s meeting witnessed a poor turnout, revealing a significant disparity between the claims of BJP leaders and the actual number of attendees.