In Hyderabad Haleem may get dearer this Ramzan due to rise in ghee, wheat prices.

In Hyderabad Haleem may get dearer this Ramzan due to rise in ghee, wheat prices.

MA Majeed, the owner of Pista House and president of the Haleem Makers Association, says the demand will continue to rise.

Thanks to food delivery apps, the demand significantly increased last year and we expect the same this year too,” he says.

Those placing online orders are families who do not want to disturb their Ramzan prayer schedule and the class of people who want to savour haleem from the comfort of their workplace.

Hotels expect an encouraging business in the first fortnight and the last five days of the holy month.

Usually after the 15th of the Ramzan month, people focus more on shopping for Eid.

So, we prepare less during this period to avoid losses. Towards the fag end of the month, the demand again shoots up as most hotels do not sell haleem after Ramzan ends,” another hotelier says.

The dish makes its ubiquitous presence felt during the month of Ramzan across hotels and makeshift joints in the city. Although there is no religious significance attached to it, it is sought after for its nutritious value and is typically eaten after one breaks their fast for the day.

Mohd Irfan of Shah Ghouse Hotel says the prices of mutton, ghee, wheat and spices, especially cardamom, have increased in recent times.

The wages of workers, container prices, cooking gas and fuel prices are also considered while fixing the price. We can’t reduce the quantity as people are habituated to the portion of haleem we usually serve on a plate.

There is no alternative for hoteliers but to go for a marginal hike. It is no more a profit-making business,” he says.

A significant rise in the cost of haleem is expected this Ramzan season due to the increase in ghee, wheat, mutton and spices prices.

This means a 400-gm plate of haleem would now cost around Rs 250, say makers of the Iranian delicacy in Hyderabad.