In Hyderabad Titan launches Smart Labs.

In Hyderabad Titan launches Smart Labs.

Titan Smart Labs is headed by Raj Neravati. He earlier founded a startup called Hug Innovations, which Titan acquired in 2020.

Titan Smart Labs will drive technological advances powered by in-house experts in hardware, PCB design, algorithms, data science and artificial intelligence. The current employment is 80 but will increase.

Revenues have grown five-fold compared to last year. Products from Titan Smart Labs include smart watches, smart clocks and neck bands,” said Neravati, Head of Product and Technology, Watches and Wearables, Titan.

This office has sleeping pods, a basketball court, an ideation room, and a casual cafeteria to bring freshness and vibe to the working place.

Inaugurating the facility, Industries and IT Principal Secretary Jayesh Ranjan said Hyderabad was emerging as a primary destination for top companies due to better infrastructure and availability of a large talent pool.

Also, many companies that have started small are expanding their operations here. The attrition rates in Hyderabad are lower compared to other cities, he noted.

After Jamshedpur, in terms of workforce, the largest number of Tata employees are stationed in Hyderabad,” he said about the Tata Group that has interests in engineering, aerospace, and communications here.

Titan is stepping up rapidly with a vision to become the leader in the smart wearable and hearable industry. We intend to deliver products beyond lifestyle,” said Suparna Mitra, CEO of Titan Watches and Wearables.

Titan announced the launch of Titan Smart Labs, a dedicated engineering centre to create innovative and diversified products to meet consumer demands. It will have design, development, and testing capabilities.