In United Kingdom Man Orders iPhone Worth Rs1 Lakh, Gets Chocolate Bars Wrapped in Toilet Roll.

In United Kingdom Man Orders iPhone Worth Rs1 Lakh, Gets Chocolate Bars Wrapped in Toilet Roll.

When he finally got the package, he was left stunned after finding two Cadbury’s White Oreo chocolate bars wrapped in toilet roll instead of the phone.

I ordered the phone on December 2 through the Apple website, but due to stock the earliest day for delivery was December 17.
Last Friday on the day it was due to be delivered I had several conflicting updates from DHL,’ Daniel was quoted as saying by LADbible. Frustrated by the delay, he went to the warehouse himself.
I went onto the tracking and selected to have the parcel collected from their depot, and it advised it would be available for collection on Saturday.

On Monday I did a 24-mile-round-trip to collect the parcel. When I got home I could tell the box had been tampered with as the tape was quite loose, but because I could feel some weight I just opened it. Inside there was cheap industrial toilet roll, which stunk, and two bars of Dairy Milk Oreo in there,” he added.

He also shared his ordeal on Twitter. In a follow-up tweet, he wrote that he had received several conflicting updates from DHL after making the purchase on Apple’s website.

Last Friday, the day it was due for delivery, I got several conflicting updates from DHL. At first it said “in delivery”, then scanned as “delayed”, then returned to “in delivery between 1:45 pm and 2:45 pm”, he tweeted.

DHL has responded saying they have started an investigation into the incident and have also asked the sender to get a replacement for Carroll.

We’re investigating the case as a priority and we have been in touch with the sender to ensure a replacement gets to Mr Carroll,” said a DHL spokesperson.we have heard several stories of how people ordered Apple iPhones and ended up receiving bizarre stuff instead.

In yet another incident of confusion by an online shopping site, a customer got a rude shock when he received two bars of chocolate wrapped up in toilet paper instead of the iPhone 13 he ordered.

Notably, Daniel Carroll from Leeds, England, had been desperately waiting for his iPhone 13 Pro Max,  as it was delayed by two weeks. The phone cost him £1,045 or Rs 1 lakh.

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