KTR says" Congress is brand ambassador of corruption and incompetence.

KTR says" Congress is brand ambassador of corruption and incompetence.

Referring to statements made by Rahul Gandhi, the Minister said the people of Telangana would not forgive the Congress leader for suggesting to remove the Dharani portal, which aims to eliminate middlemen and streamline land records.

He also questioned the credibility of the Congress party’s promise to provide Rs 4,000 pension, citing that the party had altered failed to deliver on its promise of “Annabhagya” scheme in Karnataka.

He stressed that the people elected the Congress government in Karnataka not because of its efficiency, but due to the absence of any viable alternatives.

Highlighting the developmental initiatives undertaken by the BRS in tribal areas, Rama Rao contrasted it with the troubled state of affairs during the Congress regime.

He asserted that the BRS was a party that stood with the poor, while the Congress favoured middlemen and usurpers.

Urging the public to be wary of the Congress, he asked why the Congress was worried about the BRS expansion in the country.

Calling the AICC “All India Corruption Committee”, Rama Rao said the people of India had not forgotten the history of scams perpetrated by the Congress-led UPA government, which ultimately led to the party’s downfall across the nation.

He said the BRS party wad neither a B-team of the BJP nor a C-team of the Congress, but rather a formidable force capable of taking on both parties single-handedly.

Stating that the Congress move to accuse the BRS of colluding with the BJP would backfire, he asked how could there could be Rs 1 lakh crore corruption in the construction of the Kaleshwaram project when the construction cost itself was less than Rs 1 lakh crore.

He called out the Congress for making senseless allegations and becoming laughing stock in public.

KT Rama Rao on Sunday rubbished the allegations of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi that the BRS was the BJP’s B team and termed the Congress as the brand ambassador of corruption and incompetence in the country.