Now creators can gear up for podcasts in YouTube Music.

Now creators can gear up for podcasts in YouTube Music.

The company explained that some playlists are not eligible for podcast features, even if creators designate them as podcasts.

Ineligible content includes content that is not owned by the creator, and more.

Currently “” is only available in the US.

“Podcast inclusion in the YouTube Music app is coming soon to creators in the US,” the company said.

Last month, Kai Chuk, YouTube’s head of podcasting, had announced that podcasts will soon be available on YouTube Music.

YouTube announced that US creators can now create podcasts in YouTube Studio and inclusion of podcasts in the company’s Music app is coming soon.

The company tweeted from its Team YouTube account: “podcasts are a go! new features on Studio desktop now let you create a new podcast, set an existing playlist as a podcast and measure your podcast’s performance.

In a support page, the platform mentioned that “a podcast show is a playlist, and podcast episodes are videos in that playlist”.

Creators’ podcasts should only contain full-length episodes, organised in the order in which they should be consumed.

“If your podcast has multiple seasons, include them in the same podcast,” it added.