Report : WhatsApp Desktop Call History Tab Spotted in Testing on Windows.

Report : WhatsApp Desktop Call History Tab Spotted in Testing on Windows.

The messaging app had recently rolled out Polls alongside 'Communities', a feature that allows users to have separate groups under one umbrella to organise group conversations.

In addition to that, WhatsApp had also rolled out one-tap video calling for up to 32 people and doubled the participant limit for groups.

Like the other features on the app, WhatsApp Polls will also be protected by end-to-end encryption, which means that the company cannot see the contents of the polls shared in groups.

WhatsApp has recently released a slew of new features on the app. WhatsApp Polls rolled out last week on both Android and iOS.

The feature lets users create polls within the group with the ability to vote. Facebook Messenger and Telegram currently allow users to add group polls. WhatsApp's poll feature will be protected by end-to-end encryption.

Whatsapp could soon get a new calling history tab on the desktop app. As mentioned earlier, the calls tab from the Meta-owned social messaging app has been spotted on the sidebar of the app by a few testers who have updated WhatsApp Desktop beta for Windows 2.2246.4.0 from the Microsoft Store.

Unfortunately, the calls tab shared by the tipster does not show recent calls, and it is currently unclear whether the app will show calls made from the desktop app or across multiple devices. WhatsApp is yet to announce the feature, which could be modified or improved before it is eventually rolled out to all users on the stable channel.

WhatsApp Desktop could soon gain a new tab to display call history, according to details shared by a feature tracker.

A new calls tab from WhatsApp has been spotted in the sidebar of the app by some beta testers on the Meta-owned messaging platform.

The calls tab located on the WhatsApp Desktop sidebar is currently accessible to users who have installed the latest beta version of the app from the Microsoft Store.

The company recently began rolling out WhatsApp Polls to users on both Android and iOS users.