Reports : Ola Electric to Launch a New EV on August 15 in India.

Reports : Ola Electric to Launch a New EV on August 15 in India.

Ola S1 and S1 Pro scooters were launched in India in August last year. Ola Electric has been receiving flak for their E-scooters catching fire.

According to a recent report, faulty battery cells and modules are said to be the cause behind Ola E-scooters catching flames.

The launch of the EV will be livestreamed by the company. The link to the live stream and specific time will be shared by the company, Aggarwal said in a tweet.

At the August 15 launch event, the company is said to also unveil its “BIG” future plans, according to Aggarwal.

In another teaser video shared by Aggarwal on Twitter, we can see a silhouette of an electric two-wheeler. Hence, it can be expected to be another variant or model of the Ola S1 or S1 Pro.
The same video teaser was also shared the company's official Twitter account with the caption, “What's common between Paalak Paneer, Hulk, Forest and the Ola S1 Pro? Stay tuned to find out, see you on 15th August.
Ola Electric has also used the hashtag EndICEage. Here, ICE presumably means Internal Combustion Engines.

Ola Electric might launch a new electric vehicle on India's 75th Independence Day. A company executive recently teased the launch of its upcoming EV online. The launch event will be livestreamed by the company.

The time and link to the livestream will shared online by the company soon. At the event, Ola Electric said it will also reveal its future plans.

The company is calling the new product the “greenest EV” it has ever made. Ola Electric is yet to announce if it will be a four-wheeler or a two-wheeler.

Bhavish Aggarwal, CEO of Ola Electric, recently took to Twitter to announce that the company is going to launch another EV in India on August 15 this year. The same teaser video was also shared by the official company account.

Though neither the company nor Aggarwal has revealed what the new EV is going to be, some Twitter users are speculating it to be an electric four-wheeler.