Self-driving vehicles to transport pilgrims" first time in Hajj

Self-driving vehicles to transport pilgrims" first time in Hajj

This falls within the role of the authority in providing different and diverse transportation options, as well as adopting modern technologies and smart mobility solutions to assess their suitability and contribution to providing a unique transportation experience for Hajj pilgrims.

It aims to ensure smooth and comfortable transportation and enable pilgrims to perform their rituals with ease and peace of mind.

The service aims to facilitate the transportation of pilgrims and assess the feasibility of using these technologies during Hajj.

It also aims to establish the necessary requirements for their commercial operation in coming years.

The self-driving buses utilize artificial intelligence, cameras, and surrounding sensors to operate without human intervention along a predefined route.

They gather information during movement and analyze it to make necessary decisions, aiming to enhance passenger experience and ensure safety.

Each bus has 11 seats, operates for 6 hours per charge, and can reach speeds of up to 30 km/h.

The initiative is part of the authority's efforts to offer multiple transportation options, making it easier for the pilgrims.

Transport General Authority, for the first time, is launching the trial of self-driving electric buses to serve the pilgrims this Hajj season.

It aims to provide innovative modern technologies for sustainable and environment-friendly transportation.