Sources: Shilpa Shetty Broke Down After Arguing With Raj Kundra During Raid.

Sources: Shilpa Shetty Broke Down After Arguing With Raj Kundra During Raid.

The team of the Crime Branch of Mumbai Police, on July 23, raided the Juhu bungalow of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty and her husband Raj Kundra.

This came as part of the investigation after Raj was arrested last week for allegedly creating porn videos and distributing them through a mobile application.

He was taken to his residence when the search was conducted. Shilpa’s statement was also recorded during the raid.

According to reports, the actress had a showdown with her husband for keeping her in dark about the content of the app.

Some sources in the Mumbai Police told on Monday that a shattered Shilpa shouted at Raj for defaming the family’s name.

She informed him that due to his actions, their “endorsements” are being “cancelled” in the industry and the family is facing a “huge financial” loss.

She asked him the reason behind his alleged actions when they had “achieved a standing in society”.

The argument escalated to such an extent that the cops had to intervene to calm her down.

Later, when the star recorded her statement during an interrogation by the Crime Branch, which went for nearly two hours, she was shaken and even broke down at a point in front of the police.

In her statement, she denied her involvement in the businessman’s company and claimed that she was not aware of the exact content being distributed on the controversial HotShots app.

She further mentioned that erotica is different from porn. According to her, Raj has not been involved in producing any porn content for which he has been accused of.

According to sources, the entrepreneur expected his arrest after the property cell of the Crime Branch had arrested nine people in connection with the pornography case in March this year.

In March, he had changed his mobile phone so that no data could be recovered. When the police asked him about it, he told them that he threw it away.

Cops believe that the old mobile phone would contain “important pieces of evidence” and so are in search of it.

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