South Korean pop singer AOORA Wants to Work With Tiger Shroff.

South Korean pop singer AOORA Wants to Work With Tiger Shroff.

AOORA released the song during his second visit to India.

Opening up about his experience, the K-pop singer said, “I’ve always loved India but when I came first time, of course, things were very different.

As I landed in Delhi, it was a bit scary experience for I saw a lot of crowd.

But as soon as I started meeting more and more Indians, it became very comfortable.

In my first trip, I saw cows roaming on the streets, which is very different scene laughs.

However, in my second trip, I was very, very comfortable and it’s just a part of how I would want to live as well.

I like the energy and I feel people in India are just saw warm and loving so he started finding the same things extremely comfortable compared to his first trip."

Sharing his thoughts on Mumbai, AOORA said that the city reminds him of Seoul. “For me, Mumbai is very similar to Seoul.

That’s one of the reasons why I feel like home here. All the colours I see in India are very inspiring.

In Mumbai, there are so many different people, so many different things, the variety and diversification is very inspirational," he said.

Speaking of releasing a remixed version of Jimmy Jimmy, AOORA told I heard the song Jimmy Jimmy two months back and I loved the beats, it was very modern, had a very global approach to it so I thought it would be great fun if we could add K-pop beats to it because I’ve always wanted to do an Indo-Korean collaboration project as I feel there are a lot of similarities between Indian music and Korean music in terms of energy.

So I thought it would be a great collaboration if we could add K-pop beats to this very iconic song."

In the music video, AOORA is seen performing solo. Explaining the concept, he said that he watched the original music video and wanted to retain that original retro vibe of the song while adding K-pop element in terms of visuals.

AOORA enjoys Tiger’s work so much that one of the songs on his playlist is Cham Cham from Tiger’s Baaghi film. Besides Bollywood, the K-pop singer also enjoys South Indian songs, with Naatu Naatu among the top current favourites.

When we asked him if he would be open to signing in a Bollywood project, the Korean star not only said yes but also had an outline of a story ready.

Of course, I am ready. I would be open to do a romantic-comedy with some action. I want to star in something where a Korean guy and Indian girl (fall in love)," he said with a big smile.

“I want to collaborate with Tiger Shroff. I love Tiger’s dance and action moves. He’s my favourite, I want to do something with him.

Please, on my behalf, send him a message so that he hears it and we get the chance to collaborate," AOORA said. He revealed that he had reached out to Tiger but got no response.

I sent a message directly to Tiger but he didn’t reply. I am sure Tiger gets so many DMs and couldn’t reply so please pass my message to him," he added, as translated by his translator.

South Korean pop singer AOORA recently dropped his first Indo-Korean song titled Jimmy Jimmy.

The song is a remix of Bappi Lahiri’s iconic song of the same name from the film Disco Dancer 1982 and starred Mithun Chakraborty along with Kim Yashpal.

With the song receiving much love, AOORA told us exclusively that he loves Bollywood and is a big fan of Tiger Shroff.