The 46,257 votes went to 103 candidates who lost security deposits, shows data.

The 46,257 votes went to 103 candidates who lost security deposits, shows data.

Among the AAP candidates who failed to save their deposits, Bharat Parkash contested from ward number 27 and received 1,753 votes out of the 11761 votes polled.

Shiromani Akali Dal candidate, Randeep Kaur, from ward number 1 bagged 1,305 votes, the highest among Akali candidates who lost their security deposits.

The figures compiled by the State Election Commission also showed that 1,220 votes out of a total of 8,263 polled to BSP candidates who failed to save their deposits, had gone to party candidate, Asha, from Ward number 15.

The total votes polled in her ward were 20,787.

the state election commission has started reviewing the expenditure details of all candidates who contested the civic body polls held on December 24.

Sources said that the expenditure details are being examined by the seven observers, which includes three Internal Revenue Service officers.

Sources said that a number of candidates, including those from the main parties, also are yet to submit their expenditure details.

The candidates are required to submit all their poll expenditure details within 15 days of the announcement of results.

AS MANY as 46,257 votes during the recently concluded Chandigarh civic elections were cast in favour of 103 candidates who ultimately failed to save their security deposits, data showed.

Of these 46,257 franchises cast, at least 15,812 votes went to 49 independent candidates, followed by 10,008 votes to eight Aam Adami Party candidates. 8,263 votes to 16 candidates of the Bahujan Samaj Party, 6,115 votes to 12 candidates of the Shiromani Akali Dal, 4,179 votes to two Indian National Congress candidates, and 54 votes to one CPI (M) candidate, Jangi Mukhiya, who contested from ward number-29.

As per political analysts, the independent candidates did the most harm to the chances of several candidates from major political parties, eating up their votes.

The experts added that the independent candidates will now be the game changers as a new civic house is formed and both the BJP and the Congress look eagerly at them for their support.

The scrutiny of voting figures suggests that among independents, the maximum votes 1,484 out of the total 15,812 votes went to candidate Lakhwinder Singh, who contested from ward number 15. The total votes polled in his ward were 20,787.
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