The Android 10 still running on most phones, Android 11 comes in second.

The Android 10 still running on most phones, Android 11 comes in second.

Android 9 Pie comes in at the third spot with 18.2 per cent users and Android 8 Oreo follows with 13.7 per cent users.

Android 7 Nougat and older versions now have percentage shares in single digits. Check out the pie chart below for more information.

Google does not provide insight on the adoption of new Android versions on its developer website now, something the company did before.

This data was often useful to developers who have to make sure their apps support multiple versions of the operating system due to the vast user base.

The insight would let developers know what versions of Android are either no longer in use or on their way out, allowing them to cut off support for that version and better use their resources to focus on compatibility, optimisation and feature addition for more recent Android versions that are in use.

However, we now get statistical data on what percentage of users are using what version of Android on a semi-regular basis in Android Studio. The latest data, in fact, is the first time Google released the insights since April 2020.

The next will likely come out in 2022.

Even post the launch of Android 12, the statistics do not include Google’s latest version as a category yet.

Instead we have data for users only up to Android 11. This is likely because Android 12 is, as of now, largely limited to the Pixel series, a few devices from other OEMs running beta builds and custom ROM users.

Most Android devices still run on Android 10 and Android 11, according to new statistics by Google.

Android phones are often known to take some time to catch on to the latest version with many OEMs taking months to bring Android updates mixed with their own skins to devices.

Unlike Apple’s iPhones, Android devices also have fewer years of updates under their belt which leads to fragmentation of Android devices.

In many cases, users who own older phones continue to use these even after it stops getting system updates.Google revealed back in June that over 3 billion devices were running on Android.

The latest distribution now suggests that 26.5 percent of devices are running Android 10, slightly more than the 24.2 per cent of devices running Android 11.

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