The Google to show you suggested keywords under Search bar.

The Google to show you suggested keywords under Search bar.

If users don’t see a particular filter they want, they can find more using the ‘All filters’ option, which is present at the end of the row.

The change will roll out for English users in the US, over the coming days, on iOS, Android and the mobile web

For example, if you type “dinner ideas”, you might see topics such as “healthy” or “easy”. By selecting a topic, you can quickly narrow down your search results with less typing by adding it to your query.

Then as you tap, the topics will alter and become more dynamic, providing you with additional possibilities and assisting you in discovering new areas.

For instance, if you choose “healthy”, you might then see “vegetarian” or “quick” topics.

“Both topics and filters are shown in the order that our systems automatically determine is most helpful for your specific query,” Google said.

An easy-to-scroll list of related topics will be displayed at the top of the search results page, the tech giant said in a blogpost on Tuesday.

Users can easily add or remove topics, which are designated by a plus icon, to quickly zoom in or backtrack on a search.

Google has announced that it will show users suggested keywords under the Search bar to make it easier to explore topics that are related to a search.