The new design and more features, Truecaller 12 announced with free call recording.

The new design and more features, Truecaller 12 announced with free call recording.

Truecaller 12 also brings call recording, which until now was a premium-only feature, to all users. This means free users can now record calls using the Truecaller dialer as long as they have Android 5.1 and up.

Users can also set automatically recording calls for calls to start recording as soon as they begin.

Note that all recorded calls will be stored locally and will not be uploaded to Truecaller servers.

Truecaller Premium users now  get new features along with an ad-free experience, including the new Ghost Call feature.

Using this, users can set up a fake call to ring their phone whenever they want to excuse themselves from an unwanted situation.

Ghost Calls can be scheduled to arrive at a particular time and can also be made to look like one of your contacts.

A Call Announce feature will also speak the names of callers so users can know who is calling without picking up the phone in their hands, or even looking at it.

Truecaller has launched its latest version of the app for Android devices. Truecaller 12 brings a redesigned interface along with some handy features for both free and premium users.

The latest update features a redesigned interface that separates the tabs for calls and SMS messages that was previously integrated.

The new interface looks cleaner and should be easier to use for people who get a lot of SMS messages.

Truecaller 12 also brings a new feature called Video Caller ID.

The feature takes the app’s signature Caller ID feature a notch up by letting users set a short video clip for their Caller ID identification.

This small clip is securely stored on Truecaller servers and shown to contacts when they try to reach you or when you call them.

Users who do not wish to upload their own video for Video Caller ID can also choose from a set of templates.

Video Caller ID will also be visible for phonebook contacts and verified business calls.

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