The Tomato Prices Up To Rs 200/kg.

The Tomato Prices Up To Rs 200/kg.

The wholesale price of tomato was ruling at Rs 100-160 per kg at Azadpur mandi on Monday.

The current demand is being met from Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka, he added.

Kaushik also mentioned that every year prices of most vegetables firm up during the monsoon season because some crops get damaged due to waterlogging.

”I purchased at Rs 160 per kg at Azadpur wholesale market and retailing at Rs 170 per kg. Some other vendors are selling at even up to Rs 200 per kg in Delhi,” said Jyotish Jha, local retail vendor in Pashchim Vihar.

There has been some increase in retail price of onion and potato besides other vegetables like french beans, cauliflower, cabbage and ginger, he added.

Most vegetables are sold not below Rs 60 per kg.

For instance, retail price of lady finger is sold at Rs 80 per kg, while bitter gourd, bottle gourd and cucumber at Rs 60 per kg each, cauliflower is sold as high as Rs 180 per kg, trade data showed.

The retail price of tomato and other vegetables varies depending on the quality and the location where they are sold.

”There has been further disruption in the supply of tomato in Delhi because of the heavy rains in the last two days.

If heavy rains continue, it looks unlikely the prices will ease soon,” Azadpur Tomato Association President and member of Azadpur Mandi Ashok Kaushik told.

Among metros, retail price of tomato was quoted highest at Rs 149 per kg in Kolkata, followed by Rs 135 per kg in Mumbai, Rs 123 per kg in Chennai and Rs 100 per kg in Delhi, the data showed.

As per the data maintained by the Consumer Affairs Ministry, the all-India average retail price of tomato was ruling at 104.38 per kg on Monday, with maximum price quoted was Rs 200 per kg in Swai Madhopur and minimum was Rs 31 per kg in Churu in Rajasthan.

Retail price of tomato has touched up to Rs 200 per kilogram in some parts of the country including Delhi as incessant rains disrupted supplies, traders said and added that the rates of other vegetables have also firmed up.

Heavy rainfall in producing areas has led to waterlogging leading to the damage of tomato crop and other perishable vegetables grown below the soil especially onion, and ginger, they said.