Words twisted, turned against me" Rashmika Mandanna clarifies her remark ‘Bollywood has romantic songs, south has mass songs.

Words twisted, turned against me" Rashmika Mandanna clarifies her remark ‘Bollywood has romantic songs, south has mass songs.

The actor, who will soon start shooting for Pushpa 2, said she has no reason to pick one particular film industry as her favourite.

I work in four industries and I am so grateful for everything I have been given so far.

Every film has turned me into the girl I am today and I am very proud of it. I don’t understand why people think that we have forgotten our roots or why we have gotten two horns above our heads. Misleading people is a really sad thing,” Rashmika opined.

She added that while she was on the stage for the promotion of her Bollywood film Mission Majnu, she was cut in between on the stage.

Rashmika said, “Recently I was talking on the stage about Bollywood romantic songs and I said in South we have mass numbers, and people didn’t realise that I was cut in between my answer.

The boys on stage were like, ‘we know, we know’. But my whole answer was going to be, ‘In south, we have mass numbers, item numbers, romantic songs, I have been blessed with so many romantic songs, I have “Kadalalle”, “Belageddu”, I have so many romantic songs, I have no reason to say South only has mass songs. This was going to be my answer but nobody wants to listen to the whole thing.

Rashmika was trolled last year as well when she said she has not watched Rishabh Shetty’s film Kantara.

She was accused of forgetting her roots in Kannada cinema after she found success in Telugu and Tamil film industries. However, the actor has penned a long note on social media about being a target of trolls throughout her career.

Rashmika, who became a national crush after the release of Pushpa, said her comment was misunderstood and her words were ‘twisted’.

One fault I have noticed within myself is when someone asks a 2 marks question, I give a 5 marks answer, which is something I have to work upon.

Words are being twisted and turned against me. There are somethings which you say in some context and then they are turned against you and you are like, ‘but that’s not what I meant’,” Rashima said during an interview with Galatta Plus.

Actor Rashmika Mandanna, whose film Varisu released on Wednesday, recently got embroiled in a controversy for her statement on songs which are made in the south film industry.

During the Mission Majnu song launch event, she said, “For me, while growing up, romantic songs meant Bollywood numbers.

In South, we have mass masala, item numbers and dance numbers.” Her comment left many on the internet upset.

However, the actor, in a new interview clarified that she was cut in between while she was answering a question. She never meant that the south film industry doesn’t make romantic numbers.