Zindagi Bhar Ye Kunwari Rahegi? Salman Khan Slams SidNaaz Fans for Trolling Shehnaaz Gill

Zindagi Bhar Ye Kunwari Rahegi? Salman Khan Slams SidNaaz Fans for Trolling Shehnaaz Gill

At the trailer launch event of their upcoming film Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan, a lighthearted conversation among the stars ensued, during which Salman Khan hinted at a chemistry he observed on set without mentioning any names.

He advised Shehnaaz to move on, saying “Main keh raha hoon move on kar jao I’m telling you to move on to which Shehnaaz responded by saying “Kar gayi hoon I have moved on.

Salman continued by stating that he believes Shehnaaz needs to move on and added that he notices such things.

He stated that if he can observe such things about himself, he can also notice them about others. Salman ended by saying that he should not say too much.

He added: “Par social media pe yeh kuch log jo Sidnaaz Sidnaaz karke, kya zindagi bhar yeh kunwari rahegi kya?

Aur yeh jitney bhi Sidnaaz karte hai inmein se kisi ek ko chunliya toh vo abhi kahega haan mai tumhara hun.

Toh kya bakwas baatien hai ye, kisi ki sunana nahi sirf aapne dil ki suno and move on in life People on social media still keep bugging her with ‘Sidnaaz’, what do you think she should be single for life?

If she chooses one among those Sidnaaz fans, they will happily accept to be her partner. So, all of this is nonsense. Don’t listen to them, listen to your heart and move on in life.

Salman highlighted that the same fans had previously trolled her when rumours about her dating her Bigg Boss 13 co-contestant emerged.

Salman Khan expressed that Shehnaaz is constantly being associated with ‘Sidnaaz’ trend on social media, which is making it difficult for her to move on.

The actor said that Shehnaaz should find happiness and love, even if Sidharth Shukla is not around. In a vial clip from the show, Salman Khan can be heard saying: “Kuch time pehle inko (Shehnaaz Gill) ‘Sidnaaz Sidnaaz’ karke bolte the.

Ab woh duniya mai nahi raha aur vo jahan pe bhi hai, vo bhi yahi chahega ki inki zindagi mai koi aaye, you know shaadi hojaaye, bacche hojaaye (some used to address her saying ‘Sidnaaz’. Sidharth is not among us anymore but even he would have wanted her to move on and start a family).”

Salman who has been busy promoting Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan with Shehnaaz Gill and other stars, slammed social media users for trending ‘Sidnaaz’ on social media.

A clip from The Kapil Sharma Show has been circulating on social media, in which Salman Khan is seen reprimanding fans for trending ‘Sidnaaz’ and causing distress to Shehnaaz.